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  • Why Occupy Should Be the Left's Tea Party May Day was a success, but Occupy needs to rethink itself if it wants to change America.—By Josh Harkinson| From Mother JonesPhoto by Mark MurrmannBy most estimates, the Occupy movement's May Day protests were a resounding success, with demonstrations held in more than 100 cities and a march in Manhattan that drew some 30,000 people—more than any Occupy event last fall. But if the movement is going to sustain the kind of momentum that captured the nation's attention six months ago, it must begin to evolve in a different direction. Occupy's much-hyped Phase 2, the "American Spring," suggests an end game that's virtually impossible in today's America: the toppling ...
    Posted Aug 28, 2012, 12:18 PM by Christopher Mandel
  • The Lesser of Two Evils: What American Occupiers should consider before deciding on calling for a Presidential Voting Strike. On many overarching issues it is likely going to make little difference who we vote for or if we vote in the presidential election of 2012. Neither Candidate will do any thing to address the Military Industrial Complex, mass corporate and government corruption, American Imperialism, severe economic inequality, the restoration of our many lost civil liberties, campaign financing, the “two party” political monopoly, corporate consolidation of power, lobbyist influence, the Electoral Collage, or even hold accountable the criminals who perpetrated the greatest financial crime in American history. On these issues the two party establishment candidates are very similar and there is little point in voting for ...
    Posted Aug 5, 2012, 9:14 PM by Steven Bailey
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