Education, commentary and debate on why many people chose to vote for the candidates of of the two parties despite knowing the system is broken.

Facebook comments on why we vote to win.

  • Why Occupy Should Be the Left's Tea Party May Day was a success, but Occupy needs to rethink itself if it wants to change America.—By Josh Harkinson| From Mother JonesPhoto by Mark MurrmannBy most estimates, the Occupy movement's May Day protests were a resounding success, with demonstrations held in more than 100 cities and a march in Manhattan that drew some 30,000 people—more than any Occupy event last fall. But if the movement is going to sustain the kind of momentum that captured the nation's attention six months ago, it must begin to evolve in a different direction. Occupy's much-hyped Phase 2, the "American Spring," suggests an end game that's virtually impossible in today's America: the toppling ...
    Posted Aug 28, 2012, 12:18 PM by Christopher Mandel
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Education, commentary and debate on ways to effect change through not voting and why we stigmatize communities who refuse to participate in our clearly broken system for whatever reason.

Comment on why we boycott or don't vote.

  • Will 2012 be the Final Election of Lesser Evilism? Will 2012 be the Final Election of Lesser Evilism? By Shamus Cooke Just when the Obama campaign couldn't appear any less inspiring, Paul Ryan was put forth as the Republican vice presidential candidate. Suddenly team Obama was supplied with enough political munitions to scare every last American over the possible destruction of Medicare, Medicaid, cuts to Social Security and the various other evils inherent in Ryan's proposed national budget. Consequently, many Liberals and Leftists across the spectrum are now focused on preaching the horrors of a Republican presidential victory and thus the necessity of re-electing Obama.But critical thinkers are immune to scare tactics. It's no coincidence that the Obama campaign is not running on its ...
    Posted Aug 23, 2012, 12:21 PM by Steven Bailey
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Education, debate and commentary  on ways to effect change through voting for alternatives to the current power structure.

Facebook comments on voting alternative

  • New Hampshire: Vote for Vermin Supreme!
    Posted Aug 16, 2012, 10:10 AM by Steven Bailey
  • Vote For Nobody: Or; Is Participating in a Defunct Democracy Worth the Trouble? We must learn to rally our political voices to challenge the state, not elect its leaders.In the United States, November’s presidential election is slowly approaching, and I have been asking myself whether I am going to vote in it or not. For the most part I have been approaching this question from a personal angle: Would my vote be likely to swing my district or my state? If being a participatory citizen, politically active and vocally engaged, is something I believe in, am I setting a bad example by not voting? If the candidate I like the least is elected, will I feel guilty for not voting for the incrementally better option? Is participating in an election in ...
    Posted Aug 6, 2012, 5:00 PM by Steven Bailey
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