The Electoral Process

Education and commentary on how our system works and how we got here.

Facebook comments on our broken system.

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Ideas and discussions on how we can fix or move beyond our representative electoral system.

Comment on solutions and alternatives

  • These are some recent site posts about solutions and alternatives to our current broken system. Please argue in support or opposition to these posts. 
  • Representative Democracy Doesn’t Work Anymore In 1776 representative democracy marked a huge advance over monarchy. It had its detractors, Torys who believed the people too stupid or lazy to make reasonable decisions. Town meetings gave local government direct contact with its citizens. The federal government was so small tariffs were its sole source of income. The federal bureaucracy fit into the old executive office building which now houses a fraction of the president’s staff.Today representative democracy’s ambiguity threatens to derail us. Liberals claim seventy six percent of voters support a single payer health system at the same time conservative talking heads see the numbers the other way round. Representatives when they campaign say any number of things which makes it impossible, should ...
    Posted Aug 6, 2012, 5:30 PM by Steven Bailey
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Ways that through activism 
we can work to address the issues our system can not.

Facebook comments on going beyond voting

  • These are some recent posts about what we can do beyond voting to effect self governance.  Please argue in support or opposition to these posts. 
  • Beyond Voting by Howard Zinn, 1976 Gossip is the opium of the American public. We lie back, close our eyes and happily inhale the stories about Roosevelt's and Kennedy's affairs, Lyndon Johnson's nude swims with unnamed partners and, now, Nixon's pathetic "final days" in office.The latest fix is administered by reporters Woodward and Bernstein and the stuff is Nixon's sex life with Pat, Nixon drunk and weeping, Nixon cradled in the arms of Kissinger (who did it, we presume, for national security).So we get high on trivia, and forget that, whether Presidents have been impotent or oversexed, drunk or sober, they have followed the same basic policies. Whether crooks or Boy Scouts, handsome or homely, agile or clumsy, they ...
    Posted Aug 4, 2012, 8:23 PM by Steven Bailey
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