Shelby: Beyond the Gimmick

  OK, so we know you all see right through this. Yes, on the surface, suggesting we elect a dog as president is a gimmick. The idea though, that this gimmick could gain even the slightest traction is in it's self a serious critique of the state of our electoral process. Unfortunately, it seems the only way to get anyone to pay attention to anything is to appeal to the "catch phrase" aspect of our current media culture. 
    The actual purpose of this site is to have a conversation about the electoral process in the United States. As many activists and organizers in Occupy Denver began to discuss ways to address how to respond to the upcoming elections it became clear that the opinions were varied and many. Perhaps most importantly they were very passionately felt. Through our debates we realized that consensus on the issue would not be likely and was perhaps entirely out of the principles of occupy to promote or endorse any of the opinions. We began to realize that if everyone were debating the issue as passionately as we were it would be a huge step toward the solution. 
    We hope this site will provide a venue for open debate from all sides on how best to merge the ideal of self governance with the reality of our broken representative republic. We will be presenting several points of view on this site and know, through experience with our own conversations, that some will offend the proponents of others. We urge you all to refuse to leave the discussion because something someone else has said about how to address any issue offends you. We want you to argue back. It is through impassioned argument and debate that we come to understand each other. As our current powers that be have proven, the lack of open argument leads to failure. 
A discussion on our electoral process and how to address the system as a whole.

Education and commentary on how our system works and how we got here. 

Ideas and discussions on how we can fix or move beyond our representative electoral system.

Ways that through activism we can work to address the issues our system can not. 

Facebook comments on why we vote.

A candid discussion and debate about how to address through participation or not in our current  electoral process.

Education, commentary and debate on why many people chose to vote for the candidates of of the two parties despite knowing the system is broken.

Vote an Alternative
Education, debate and commentary  on ways to effect change through voting.

Education, commentary and debate on ways to effect change through not voting and why we stigmatize communities who refuse to participate in our clearly broken system for whatever reason.

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