Who the Hell is Shelby the Dog?

  In the early days of the Occupy movement, a common criticism was that as a leaderless movement, it was doomed to failure.  Without leaders there can be no organization right?  Without leaders there can be no vision, and no unity.  A movement without hierarchical leadership is just a mindless mob!

In November of 2011, in response to these criticisms, Occupy Denver took an unprecedented step.  It elected a leader.  On that evening Shelby, a border collie often seen roaming the Occupation with her owner, or lounging near Occupy General Assemblies became the one and only elected leader in the entire Occupy movement. 

In her tenure she has attended dozens of protests, slept many nights in the cold while standing up for her right to enjoy public space, and spent countless hours patiently training her subordinates.  She has also dived into the all important role of ambassador, building important ties between Denver, Boulder and other regional movements. 

Shelby has also stood strong in the face of adversity.  She does not seek out confrontation but does she shy away from it when her values are on the line.  She has repeated stood her ground when threatened by local authorities and has even been detained for fulfilling her responsibilities as an Occupier.

To the left we proudly to present footage from the actual General Assembly where Shelby the Dog began her illustrious career.  May she continue to serve Colorado and the people of this fine country.

So could a dog be president?  Is a dog even a person? Before answering these questions, consider the following:
 Characteristic Human Dog Corporation
 % of DNA in common with species Homo Sapien %100 %75 %0.00
 Has blood, brain, heart and other organs YesYes no
Has emotional bonding instinctsYesYes no
Has capacity to sacrifice for othersYes Yes no
 Has singular function to create profit at any cost no noYes


Is that Shelby or Rosa Parks?

President Obama speaks at Shelby Campaign Event